Detroit Roadie

Detroit Roadie Oct 30-Nov 1 2009

Lions vs Rams

Roadie to Lions-Rams game Nov 1, 2009

Flew in on Spirit Air Red-eye.  

1st stop, the birthplace of Mo Town.

Detroit is a city hurting.  In going about town, people asked why we were here.  Or when we said we came here as tourists, they said “why”.  Streets in the morning were deserted like the morning after but walk into a restaurant and it was packed.  Bar had a sign for Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer, but the refrigerator for the keg broke a few weeks ago so no more beer on tap.

Every neighborhood had abandoned blighted houses.  


Many vacant buildings and store fronts.

Great ribs at a local BBQ spot. Again, this place was humming in a neighborhood of desolation

Fans were great

Some delusion possible

Tailgating happens at the Eastern market, about .25 miles from stadium. Interesting how they throw empty beer cans on street and folks come along to pick them up. One elderly couple had big bags to put the cans in. A touch of dignity in an undignified job.

Great time at the stadium. Ford Field is the jewel of the city.


Thank you for a great time and best wishes to a prosperous future

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